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Rules & Regulations

Seasonal sites

Seasonal and permanent site regulations:
- No Music or outside theater/TV between 11pm and 10am. Music and outside theater/TV must not be heard further   then 1 campsite away during 10am and 11pm.

- Campsite must look organized and clean at all times

- All addittions, decks, cabanas, sheds, etc. must be permitted by campground management (fences are not allowed)

- Any guests must register at campground office BEFORE entering campground and park in designated parking area

- Overnight guests are subject to $10 a night per person fee to cover extra expenses such as water, sewer, garbage

- Alcohol is permitted as long as nobody gets heavily intoxicated. It is your responsibility to ensure of this. Should you or   your guest get heavily intoxicated or roudy, RCMP will be notified.

- All vehicles must be parked on your site or in designated parking areas. All vehicles must clear road by 2ft. NEVER     leave vehicle on road!

-Campground max speed is 15 km/hr with any on or off road vehicle to ensure the safety of all especially young children

-All deposits and payments are final and non-refundable

- All pets must be on leash or in enclosed space. Dogs must be cleaned up after at all times!

- 2ft clearance around water, power and sewer hook-ups must be kept with everything to be able to work on those services at any time of day or night

-Registered seasonal site holder is responsible for any damage done to buildings, property and campground items such as picnic tables, flower pots, interior of buildings, etc. by themselves and by any guest they have.

- Wifi is free of charge but due to speed and usage of data streeming, use of Netflix or internet use from Xbox or playstation is not allowed as this will influence everybodies use of the internet.

- Please ensure there is no Metal, Gacebo hooks, string, peaces of wood or any rocks on the gras on your site as this can damage our lawn mowing equipment and lead to insuries as well as damage to your belongings.

- If campground has agreed to you cutting your own gras, please ensure to do so every week and trim all edges at least every 2 weeks in order to keep a need, mosquito controlled campground

-Please seperate your recycling from your household garbage and use bags and bins provided by campground. All boxes must be folded. Small folded boxes can be put in bags or bins while larger folded boxes need to be taken to campground garbage/recycling shed.

- Large garbage items such as lawn chairs, pillows, matresses, bbqs, building material, etc must be taken home or to local waste management facility

- Ashes from firepits can be disposed of by requesting a bin from campground office. This will be a fireproof bin and campground will dispose of ashes appropiately and safely. Do not put any ashes in garbage or any-where on property as this is a huge fire hazard!

The above rules have been put in place to help enjoy everbodys campging experience and to keep everybody safe!
Please follow rules and do not hesitate to ask us should you have any questions!

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