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Rules & Regulations

Daily camping

Please ensure to follow these Campground rules:

Check out time: Check out time is 2 pm or sooner. If you wish to extend your stay please report to office prior to 1pm.

Campsites: Only 1 Unit and or 1 Vehicle per site. A parking area for additional vehicles or visitor parking is available upon request. Only drive / park on gravel pad of site! Any damage done to campsite or campground property will be prosecutes and campsite is to be left clean!

Group sites: Only available by reservation. Please designate one person of the group who campground will have on file during your stay in case of any problems and to make payment. All group sites must be pre-paid 1 week in advance.

Visitors: All visitors MUST report to office prior to entering the premisses and park in designated areas! Visitor hrs are from 8am till 10pm, all over night guests are subject to a fee. Registered guests are responsible for all their visitors actions while on premises.

Quite hours: 11pm to 8am music, loud yelling, screaming, shouting or watching tv outside is not permitted and all activities must be quiete enough to not disturb your neighbor

Campfires:  No startingor boosting fires with anything but newspaper and kindling . No burning anything in firepits other then wood cut to appropiate lenghts for fire pit. Fire pits are NOT to be moved ($50 fine). Campfire must not exceed 2ft in total hight or 1ft in total hight during high fire danger (set by conservation). No fireworks permitted on campground property or surrounding area Stealing wood from store or wood yard will be reported to RCMP

Trees and shrubs: Trees and the shade they provide are valuable to us. Do not cut or deface treees or bushes, drive nails into trees or attach permanent clothe lines!

Pets: We welcome all pets on our property, however all pets (large or small) must be on a leash or closed in area at all times! Pets are not to roam freely or be brought into buildings. Please ensure to always clean up after your pet and ensure your pet is not bothering anybody.

Speed limit: max speed in campground is 10km/hr. Stopping in any way that may block traffic is not permitted.
Parking: Please park on your campsite (1 vehicle per site unless permitted by office) or in designated parking areas. All vehicles must be at least 1ft off campground road to allow Emergency vehicles, Manitoba Conservation and Campground vehicles to pass at all times!

Garbage / recycling disposal: Do not leave garbage outside. All garbage and recycling must be bagged and disposed in bins located throughout the campground!

Minors: All minors must be under parental or there chaperones supervision at all times. Parents are responsible for their children's safety as well as their behavior in all buildings. Children under the age of 10 must be accompannied by an adult when entering the washrooms.

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